Thursday, January 2, 2014

DS Watkins', Susan Kimmel's and Sue Barbus' artistic 11 12 13 books
Binding colors, creativity and artistic friends together equals BookArt Tri-Cities!  Words alone are not enough.....

December Book Arts 11 12 13 challenge exchange artistic book's artists:
These books do not necessarily read like a North American book, top to bottom, left to right.
From Marcia Keefer's multisided woven strips, Laura Gable's long narrow book (in the middle), to Barb Sherrill's composition journey there's so much to read, feel and turn in-between... and there are more.

Artists books continued: front R; concertina counting Vicki Gerton.
and behind R; concertina not long ago experiences; Thelma Triplett
little black book about Avo, on the left: DS Watkins.
and behind; agua copper symbol, Patti Kirch
and behind; short hand retro, Annette Bouchey