Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rabbit Brush and Unkept Hair pinhole projectors

Book Artist: Patti Kirch
                  Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig
                                      Experimenting with Eclipse Shadows,
                                                      between my fingertips, in my hair and under rabbit brush.
                       Too busy chasing shadows to notice eclipses buzzing about my bonnet!
Thank you Laura for pointing out the obvious, sharp near and fuzzy far shadows.
photo by: Laura Gable

Thank you Gary and Debbie Kleinknecht
for inviting Book Art Tri-Cities to safely view the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse
at the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig.
Pictured to the left
Vicki Gerton and Doug and Laura Gable.
Book Artist and photo by: Patti Kirch
99337's zip code 96.8% eclipse, not totality, yet totally in the moment.
Objective Observation conversations, sketching, painting and nibbling on eclipse frosted cookies!

Book Artist: Laura Gable
Opposite view of Solar Eclipse, shadow from a Classy Cowgirl hat, owner Pam Sharp.

Experimental Solar Eclipse pinhole projector stations.
photo by: Patti Kirch

Book Artist and photo by: Patti Kirch
Rabbit Brush pinhole projector, on gator board.

Book Artist and photo by: Patti Kirch
Embracing our Rabbit Brush and Eclipse Shadows

photo and book art challenge by: Patti Kirch
and colander solar eclipse shadow conclusions to be continued
into Book Art content!