Thursday, June 19, 2014

June Book Artist's Gathering

DS Watkins: a series of discarded books that were "desecrated" attached and torn into a typographical surface.

DS Watkins explains her AVO Assemblage piece,
which includes a handmade book with prose from the artist / writer.

Artist Susan Kimmel's amazing "Letter a Day" alphabetical accordion book.

Artist Barb Sherill's stitched accordion book, with alcohol ink applied to the inner surface of pop cans.

Artist Barb Sherill's original design; hand stitched book, is a summer youth class offered at White Bluffs Center in Richland. 

A beautiful handmade pocket book by Vicki Gerton, which houses a number of
ATC's from the membership given to Susan Kimmel as a wonderful going away present.

Barb Sherill's alcohol inks demonstration.