Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recent Meetings

A look back at some of the photos I took from past meetings (unfortunately, I didn't take any photos from the last meeting). I will encourage our fellow book artists to post and share images of some of the books they have been working on.
One meeting in the fall 2013, with Sue, Patti and Donna (we will miss you Sue).
During the book exchange of 2013, Kriss assembled these strips of "well wishes"
from the members and gifted it to Bobi.
Lois Anderson shows her beautiful book representing the 11-12-13 challenge.
Marcia Keefer explains her "basket book" made from paper strips she cuts from old books.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Book Artists featured at You & I Framing and Gallery

(this show has closed)

We currently have a group show on display at the You & I Framing and Gallery, 214 W 1st Avenue in Kennewick. Several of our BOOK ARTIST'S have multiple pieces showcased in this fabulous show. The show will continue through October with the opening on the evening of ArtWalk, October 2. Come check out this fabulous exhibit.

This image is from a postcard we used for a previous show, which I've just modified with our current details. The items featured here may no longer be available. But the eclectic nature of our exhibit still holds true.

"Romeo & Julietta" © Deborah Watkins

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Annette Bouchey wins Director's Award at Allied Arts Gallery

The recent show held at the local Allied Arts Gallery in Richland, WA is featuring a selection of artists works through mid August. Several of our book artists have pieces selected for this colorful and eclectic show. Congratulations to all our friends who were accepted in this show.

Our friend and book artist, Annette Bouchey, was honored and delighted to receive the Director's Award for her beautiful tin collage/assemblage inspired by her heritage, titled "My Mother". She also had 2 other pieces accepted in the show. Congratulations Annette!
One of our book artist's, Annette Bouchey, wins the Director's Award
 at the recent Allied Arts Gallery Juried Show Opening. Photo courtesy of Allied Arts
"My Mother" collage on a tin. ©Annette Bouchey

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BookArt's, Top of the Town, at Thelma's

"My Child let your leaves go"
Inspiration emerged at a recent Lake Tahoe spiritual retreat.
Each leaf turns over to reveal a message of encouragement,
a message of hope.  Below is a snap shot of a close up.

Artist: Kriss Bottino

Altered Journal Cover
papers, vintage journal writing, a metal heart cut from a pop can then stained with alcohol inks. The final touch of bees wax brings forward and marries the layers.

Artist:  Annette Bouchey

Boiled Books
concertina folds
heavy watercolor paper,
flowers, berries, natural gatherings.
Immediately following the boiled books project, Thelma's piece was a vibrant, full of color oil on canvas.

Artist:  Thelma Triplett

DAily Bicycle Sketching Journal
140# watercolor paper, leather
linen, glass and copper beads
bicycle and bonbon ribbons,
coptic stitch binding

Artist: Patti Kirch

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Barb Sherrill's and DS Watkins' Creative July Works

Book Artist Barb Sherrill
Barb Sherrill designs hand painted fabrics, assembles them into a quilt and then packages and sells the original painted fabrics/ materials and written directions online and at quilt themed regional shows.  September's Song, is an example of her originals and is 39" square.

Shhh, Barb also let our book art group know that these necklaces are a birthday gift for her daughter, they also come with several earrings.

Book Artist, Barb Sherrill also works in mixed media and samples various techniques in fibers.  For example, Barb mixes combinations of painters canvas preps, finishing mediums and acrylic paints with seamstresses sizing materials, assortment of threads and beads and chefs cheese cloth,  just to name a few.

Book Artist DS Watkins
DS Watkins' special gift, an encaustic vision, given to Annette Bouchey, was an appreciation of Annette's original 12x12 Design Challenge given to DS Watkins.

"Romeo y Julieta (the love birds)"
A little teaser, Artist DS Watkins, reading from her version of a Romeo and Juliette love story. One version of this hand waxed prize opens and is read through the female's sensibilities and the other, of course, the male's tale.  This book has so much more, there's body, brass and feathers!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June Book Artist's Gathering

DS Watkins: a series of discarded books that were "desecrated" attached and torn into a typographical surface.

DS Watkins explains her AVO Assemblage piece,
which includes a handmade book with prose from the artist / writer.

Artist Susan Kimmel's amazing "Letter a Day" alphabetical accordion book.

Artist Barb Sherill's stitched accordion book, with alcohol ink applied to the inner surface of pop cans.

Artist Barb Sherill's original design; hand stitched book, is a summer youth class offered at White Bluffs Center in Richland. 

A beautiful handmade pocket book by Vicki Gerton, which houses a number of
ATC's from the membership given to Susan Kimmel as a wonderful going away present.

Barb Sherill's alcohol inks demonstration.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Cover of a Spiral Alphabet Journal

This is what I got when I put together gifts from good friends.  Spiral bound technique was a must for this soon to be Alphabet Journal.  Dearest Book Art friends, I am sorry to miss our May meeting, see you all in June.  Patti Kirch

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Art Tri-Cities April 2014 Meeting

A glimpse of Susan Kimmel's Mom's book treasures. Vintage leather bound finished with a pamphlet stitch

A through Z, Susan completed this lettered, cut and mixed media challenge in a difficult life window.  Her granddaughter will love receiving and reading this alphabet book treasure.

 Sue Barbus brought her completed art work.  Please help with the title, I am almost on target!

Patti Kirch's, copper cola pens, ("salami pens"), are hand made lettering instruments and will be used with inks, acrylics and water colors.  Instead of cutting into a recycled cola tin, used copper was substituted. The loved books below are a couple from Sue Barbus's and Marcia Keefer's reconstruct/deconstruct book art challenge.  Lots of homework ahead, the challenge is on!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 2014 Book Art Tri - Cities Talented Artists

 The first three photos are of Annette Bouchey's work; Piano Hinge and Journal from a recent book arts workshop in San Francisco.

Below:  Susan Kimmel's combination form book of art.  A three sided case, concertina folded art and poetry.
Below:  Barb Sherrill's quilted jacket, hand book bag and river landscape

Thursday, January 2, 2014

DS Watkins', Susan Kimmel's and Sue Barbus' artistic 11 12 13 books
Binding colors, creativity and artistic friends together equals BookArt Tri-Cities!  Words alone are not enough.....

December Book Arts 11 12 13 challenge exchange artistic book's artists:
These books do not necessarily read like a North American book, top to bottom, left to right.
From Marcia Keefer's multisided woven strips, Laura Gable's long narrow book (in the middle), to Barb Sherrill's composition journey there's so much to read, feel and turn in-between... and there are more.

Artists books continued: front R; concertina counting Vicki Gerton.
and behind R; concertina not long ago experiences; Thelma Triplett
little black book about Avo, on the left: DS Watkins.
and behind; agua copper symbol, Patti Kirch
and behind; short hand retro, Annette Bouchey