Saturday, July 19, 2014

Barb Sherrill's and DS Watkins' Creative July Works

Book Artist Barb Sherrill
Barb Sherrill designs hand painted fabrics, assembles them into a quilt and then packages and sells the original painted fabrics/ materials and written directions online and at quilt themed regional shows.  September's Song, is an example of her originals and is 39" square.

Shhh, Barb also let our book art group know that these necklaces are a birthday gift for her daughter, they also come with several earrings.

Book Artist, Barb Sherrill also works in mixed media and samples various techniques in fibers.  For example, Barb mixes combinations of painters canvas preps, finishing mediums and acrylic paints with seamstresses sizing materials, assortment of threads and beads and chefs cheese cloth,  just to name a few.

Book Artist DS Watkins
DS Watkins' special gift, an encaustic vision, given to Annette Bouchey, was an appreciation of Annette's original 12x12 Design Challenge given to DS Watkins.

"Romeo y Julieta (the love birds)"
A little teaser, Artist DS Watkins, reading from her version of a Romeo and Juliette love story. One version of this hand waxed prize opens and is read through the female's sensibilities and the other, of course, the male's tale.  This book has so much more, there's body, brass and feathers!


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  2. John, Thank You for the creative skip in my morning step! I will keep your critique noted.