Sunday, February 1, 2015

Repurposed 1964 accounting ledger recovered

Repurposed 1964 accounting ledger recovered.
Coptic stitch binding, leather lace and clay button closure.
Interwoven Cultures: The Reunion, The Border

From a youtube video of El Popocatepetl Volcano, I wanted to capture the life force of the eruption plume in my sketch.

The scanned historic designs, on graph paper, were from Oaxacan professional tapestry weaver, Pedro Mendoza.
Nicole Kirch, my daughter, was our group's translator between English and Spanish

Pam Patrie, a professional tapestry weaver from Portland, Oregon was our group's mentor.  The show was held at the Peter Grey Museum of Art, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  There were 43 artists participating and as far away as Argentina.  I felt a need to complete the project by making a journal of the process.
Patti Kirch


  1. Patti this is lovely. Can't wait to see this up close and peruse the insides and out. Good job!!

  2. Thank you Laura, oh, on Friday, when the rain included dirt, potentially it was from this volcano or a Russian volcano. I'm checking up on this now.