Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Two Blank Journals and Content without Covers

Two Journals for two reasons!
A White Elephant gift exchange during a white out and the snow kept piling up.  The journal on the left's pages are wonderfully tantalizing filled with blank hemp for inks and 140# for wets. The Journal on the right, filled with engineering paper, is a gift for an elephant admiring engineer, while recently in Thailand, rode an elephant, with exponential elephants in this story...
Both White Elephant journals are coptic bound with bees waxed hemp, glass seed beads finish off the braided "tail" closure.

Enso, (a Japanese circle) India ink and Cherry Blossoms, watercolor on 140# hot press, are pages of experiments. The upper left circle is a tapestry cartoon for the January Art A Day challenge.  Woven Tapestry techniques can give an impression of illusion and magic, in a dream can I imagine that same magic on paper...
Patti Kirch

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