Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Five books from our 11-12-13 exchange

Using the sequence of numbers, 11-12-13 in any fashion in the formation of a book, the book artists exchanged books in early December. The original idea was to exchange on November 12, 2013 ... but we opted instead to do so at the last gathering.

Here is a shot I took of 5 of the books. I didn't get many good photos so hopefully another lovely book artist did. I hope each will comment on their book ... or be willing to post something about the book they created.

Books pictured here are from (left to right) Kriss Bottino, Annette Bouchey, Lois Anderson, Patti Kirch, and Laura Gable.

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  1. Hello Book Arts Friends,
    I have more photos to share with you from our December book arts meeting. Thank you Laura for sharing.