Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gert's 11-12-13 Book

I finished the 11-12-13 book that now belongs to Donna Reynolds. The book is a counting book with 12 pages numbered consecutively. In addition to the Arabic numbering on the pages, there are triangles in numbers corresponding to the number on the page. The triangles are cut from cloth and have triangle shaped markings made with a wood-burning tool. The pages are a diamond shape with the long side measuring 13 cm and the shorter side 11 cm. I added a closure consisting of a bead at the apex of two middle points of the triangle and a wax linen tie to wrap around the beads. The two glass beads are mostly red with some black and the waxed linen is red with a red and a black bead on the end. The stand consists of a dark gray acrylic triangle with one side 11 cm, one side 12 cm and one side 13 cm. In the center of the stand is a clear acrylic rod positioned at a 13 degree angle. I bought the acrylic parts at RFB Plastics in Kennewick and Ron custom cut them for me. The book sits on a clear acrylic rod and is mostly held in place by gravity. It is prevented from sliding down the rod by an O ring from Ron's shop and a rubber gasket from ACE Hardware. At the top of the book is another O ring and a rubber gasket, but these serve no function other than make the display look finished.


  1. Good job on the post Vicki. Your book is so fabulous. And the thought process that went into it is something. Thanks so much for sharing that with us all.

  2. A wonderful treasure Vicki! I am looking forward to seeing you at DS's