Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Leather Scraps Journal Challenge

Well, can one call it a challenge if I am the only participant?   I could not wait for our monthly meeting to happen, so I invented a one person challenge!  lol
The signatures are tri-folded #140 water colour paper and reinforced with naturally colored rice paper.  Hand stitched with waxed linen, seed beads and a book ribbon for the closure.
Next challenge, hmm, oh yes, to sketch!!!
Kriss, you should post your "Love-Peace" scroll and your Copper Concertina;
Annette, please post your latest stitched-finds-button bound journal;
Vicki, please post the latest on the update of your "the ultimate contents" family project.
Thelma, thank you for sharing some of your treasures too!
Patti Kirch

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