Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Landscape" book by Laura Gable

Being primarily a painter, the Book Arts Group provides me with an opportunity to repurpose my paintings into a different, more intimate form. Here is "Landscape" which was developed from a watercolor painting I did several years ago while taking a class from Don Getz. It was painted on Strathmore Aquarius paper that had been primed with gesso, then once completed, the painting fixed with Blair fixative. It was an interesting process.

Much time passed and one day a dramatic idea arrived. This painting might be better served as a book and I needed to tear it into 16 equal sections. So it became a postcard book. I wrote prose at the bottom of each page, which describes our terrain in a voice reminiscent of John Muir (though not nearly as eloquent). It's housed in a box built from davey board, recycled wall paper, an antique frame, a reproduction of the painting, gold ink and ribbon. It all tucks away rather neatly.

The original painting, torn into equal sized "post cards" is assembled in book form on the right, while a reproduction of the complete painting is mounted in an antique frame on the top of the French Box that I built to house the book. 
The book is tucked away in it's hand built box, made from Davey Board,
wall paper remnants, archival paper, ribbon, antique frame, gold ink, and cold wax finish.

Another view of the book and it's box

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  1. I love getting up close and looking at each "page" of this painted concertina. Yes, while I was a docent today, I was able to enjoy visiting each book art piece. I cannot wait until next Thursday and the Thursday after that.....